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SEBC Building Expo and Education

SEBC Building Expo and Education Conference

Join us July 27 – 28, 2017 in Kissimmee, Florida for the premier regional building industry trade show in the Southeast! This is your opportunity to make personal connections with leading industry professionals by meeting face-to-face with over 250 manufacturers and suppliers showcasing an astounding array of innovative products.

We are providing free Full Access Passes for new members, as well as free Expo Hall Only passes for all other members. Please visit SEBC marketing toolbox to access these passes.

Eagle Scout Project
Eagle Scout Project

Boy Scout, Robbie Hoyt, received the assistance of Columbia County Builders in building this for his Eagle Scout project.

General Council Luncheon Schedule

The CCBA and the Lake City Board of Realtors will join for a luncheon on September 6, 2017. We will meet at the Holiday Inn and our speaker is state Representative Elizabeth Porter. The cost of lunch is $15, inclusive and all lunches must be prepaid. Please contact Lynda Yeany at (386) 867-1998 for your reservation.

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Builder Members are directly involved in building or remodeling homes, apartments, schools, industrial, commercial, or other structures related to a community, or in land development.  They include small volume builders, production builders, light commercial builders, land developers, and remodelers.  A builder joins the National Association of Home Builders through his or her local home builders association.


Associate members are members who provide products or services to the home building industry.  They include trade contractors and professional service firms such as insurance or mortgage companies.  An associate joins the National Association of Home Builders through his or her local home builders association.


Affiliate members are employees of Builder and Associate members.  The Affiliate membership allows employees to enjoy benefits from the National Association of Home Builders at a reduced dues investment.  Not all HBAs offer the Affiliate membership, nor is it a requirement to do so.

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